Work with me is a Travel and Emigration website that aims to give its readers and subscribers the best local information in Australia, tips and tricks for a smooth emigration, and travel tips from around the world. My readers are independent travellers, backpackers, people wanting a good experience and the nomads of the world. They want to live like a local, get the best bang for their buck and have great fun doing it! Work with us to reach out to our amazing readers.

My readers are primarily based in the UK, Australia, or the USA. The age profile is spread across the range but the majority of readers fit within the 20-45 age bracket.

So, how can you work with GirlinAus?

GirlinAus will work with you to get the word out about your destination, adventure experience, travel service or travel product, providing we are a good fit. I tailor the packages I offer to fit your brand, campaign and promotional objectives. GirlinAus can provide:

  • Press and Social Media Trips
  • Sponsored Posts (on
  • Sponsored Posts (for your website)
  • Sponsored Social Media Campaigns
  • Travel Photography
  • Banner Advertising (limited)
  • Vlogging & Video Production
  • Graphic Design (that’s my trade!)
  • Marketing of your Products

Travel, food and fun experiences is what drives me to keep blogging! I love to travel, whether in my back yard or the other side of the world, nothing is off limits (well, some things are off limits!). I love to share my experiences with my readers. Work with me to promote your services.

Sponsored Posts

Where there is a good alignment with your product, service or brand I will partner with you to get your message out to our engaged audience. I can offer editorial or social media posts and would be happy to create a package that suits your business requirements.

Banner Advertising

Limited advertising is available on the site as I do not like to bombard readers with advertising. Please contact for pricing information.

Available Ads:
2 x Sidebar (300×300)
1 x Leaderboard Advert (Contact Us Page)

Product/Service Reviews or Giveaways

I love trying out new accommodation (from budget to luxury) new experiences, new products and I love to go on trips! If you have a product or service that would be a good fit for GirlinAus, then get in touch!

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