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Emigration 04/05/2016

The True Cost of Emigration (2)

I promised I’d explain myself about why I turned into a blubbering mess when we found out we’d had our Australian residency visa granted and I realise it’s a harder post to write than I’d imagined. To me, this is the true cost of Australian Residency – realising and coming to terms with leaving everyone behind, and the compromises you make in order to make your dream come true. My family are a huge part of my life, there are…

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Emigration 02/05/2016

The True Cost of Emigration

So everyone has their own Visa Process story and it all takes different amounts of time for each visa, set of circumstances etc. This isnt an account of how to do it, this is just an account of how we did it! We are quite lucky really, from start to finish ours look just under 3 years (and only technically 7 months).…

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