Travelling the World is my Ultimate Dream

A short ass mid-30’s Creative Designer with a love for Music, Mojitos, Tats & Cats and Travelling to as many places as I possibly can. I’m determined to see the world one city at the time!

I’m a Liverpool lass, who always dreamt of travelling the world, so I decided to give it a go! I grew up with wonderful stories from my parents and grandparents who travelled around the world working. They’ve lived in South Africa, Malaysia, Spain, The UK and travelled to many other places. I caught the travel bug around aged 10 and was determined so see it all for myself.

In 2011, I had finished University and I was off with nothing but a backpack. I saw most of South East Asia and then spent 12 months travelling up and down the East Coast of Australia, down to Melbourne where we worked for 6 months, I was in Love! The cities, the beaches, the lifestyle, the opportunity, the laid back attitude and the atmosphere – I needed more. So, when I headed home in December 2012, I set out to get Australian Residency…it was granted on 14th December 2015 and I landed in Australia on 6th September 2016.

I am not a traveller who lives life on the road, not yet! Though it’s my goal to live in search of #vanlife as often as possible, whilst also navigating a career, relationship and family.

I aim to provide my readers with the best tips for all of the destinations I visit and will be travelling to many, many more countries over the next few years, and beyond!

So this is, essentially my story. From planning trips to travelling, the big move and an honest encounter of emigration – hauling your life from one side of the world to the other, learning to live life in a new land and adapting to Australia without the comforts of home, my travels from this side of the world, travel tips and tricks and what I love most about Australia…and trust me, there’s a lot!

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