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Hill Tribes and Beaches (2/2)


If you haven’t already…head to Hill Tribes and Beaches (1/2) to hear about the start of this trip!

We pick up where we re-joined the tour, when we actually joined up with another tour that had already started. At this point, myself, Rachael and Kate were besties so we thought it was a little odd joining another group of people who had already hit it off…however, only a few had and we seem to fit right in with them so it was really good!


We flew to Bangkok, got a bus to Surat Thani, Ferry to Koh Samui and then a taxi to our little huts! Our taxi had no idea where we were going, we drove to one side of the island before we realised it was the other side we were staying on. We got there late and met our guide, but everyone was already in bed. We headed out for late night drinks and pizza at some little German Cafe – it was the BOMB. I really wish I remembered the name!

In the morning we woke up and met the other 13 people on the tour as well as the 3 of us from the northern part of it! They are all a nice bunch of people from all over the show really, Canada, Australia, Norway, Portugal, South Africa and of course good ‘ol England! 🙂

Samui was great fun, got to see the big buddha, grandfather and grandmother rock (hilarious phallic rocks) and more elephants and monkeys, I saw a guy riding a motorbike with a gibbon on his shoulder which I must admit shocked and amused me somewhat! But, probably a sadder existence for the monkeys which sucks.

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The bars here are pretty cool, we went to Lamai Beach and found a bar called Swing Bar (not, not the wife swapping kind, massive swings on the beach) and an Aussie bar! I just remember eating a LOT of food and swimming in Samui, the beaches were beautiful – as was the street food! Especially the banana and Nutella crepes! Our last night in Samui we all went out and had some good drinks, then went to a fancy restaurant on the beach to watch fire dancers and had Massaman curries! We were due to leave Samui in the morning as we had to get a long ass mini bus, ferry then a songtaew to Khao Sok National Park! I couldn’t wait!


Then I woke up, ill. VERY ill. Ever seen the film Bridesmaid’s?


Too much info? But yeah….

So I spent the morning being sick and being very ill before we got into the mini bus. Kate and me were both ill, so we looked a STATE. We got in separate mini busses (there were 2) and my driver felt so sorry for me he let me sit in the front with the air con and gave me water. Providing I was not sick in this bus. It was a good hour in before the bus had to stop for me to be sick at the side of the road…oh it was awful! I felt like I was dying.

I had been SO looking forward to Khao Sok National Park – we were going to go on a raft boat on the river and do activities and see the monkeys….but I got there and slept on n off for a good day n half before we had to leave again, I missed canoeing, a group dinner for one if the girls 30th’s – loads! I was gutted, apparently it’s gorgeous but all I can tell you is the beds are very uncomfortable but the huts are lovely n huge!! Rachael seemed to enjoy swanning off canoeing/rafting so at least one of us saw it.


We then went to Krabi (Ao Nam Moo Bay) where I got more ill for a day, but then luckily I slowly started recovering n day two I even managed a swim in the pool! I felt bad that we didn’t get out to Ko Tao, but we still got the enjoy the beautiful beaches. Krabi was really nice, it’s a good place to go out on boat trips to see the beautiful islands and it’s full of cooky little places. We found a bar called Arc Bar on the beach front which was lovely, although we spent most of our time in the Last Bar…named because its the last bar on the beach! It was ace, had Poi Dancers with Fire Sticks, great rock music and good food (I had finally started eating again)! On the last night I enjoyed a few mojitos and helped devour a bucket of Thai Whisky n Lemonade! That sorted me out.


In the morning after all the fun me n Rachael signed off the tour n said our goodbye’s to new friends before heading back to Koh Samui together, we had a few days before heading over to the Fullmoon Party in Koh PhaN’gan.

Really enjoyed the tour in the end, the Southern Tour didn’t really have a lot planned for us like the Northern part, so if you are doing Thailand yourself – I’d recommend the first trip, but definitely think you could do the Islands, National Park and Krabi much better for the same money.

All in all, we both agreed and gave the full tour a solid 8/10.

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*Khao Sok Image credited to Green Andaman Travel, I had no good images from not being there but it is a sight to behold and just couldn’t leave it out!

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