Emigration 05/07/2016

To be, or not to be….

To be, or not to be… That really is the question when packing up your house and moving to another country. And it seems that me and my other half have completely different ideas on the matter, making for an interesting situation in our house at this present time!

When we first thought about applying to Australia, we vowed not to collect too much shit* over the years so that when it came to this time, it would be an easier transition. Of course some things had to be bought – an iMac for my design work, Rachael’s text books for teaching at her school and a few bits to keep us entertained – favourite books, a few DVDs etc. and thats fine, thats all that I ever really imagined packing and taking with us.

However! We currently have 3 huge boxes packed and they are full of stuff – camping essentials, kitchen pyrex dishes, trinkets, shaped salt and pepper shakers(?), a spiraliser, thank you cards from (Rachaels) students, candles, picture frames, etc. Stuff I am honestly not bothered about in the slightest! But it seems that my beloved, is.

Now… my girl is not one to (usually) hang on to things. Granted, she loves tut more than most people I know, but she doesnt hold onto stuff, not even people – she can walk away and be done with things easier than I know most people can, much easier than I personally can! and I admire her talent for that, I long for things I shouldn’t and people who have most likely forgot I exist. So why the sudden change of heart? Her excuse is that if we were moving 20 miles up the road this stuff would be coming with us, so why shouldnt it now…but I love the idea of a real fresh start, no tut. Maybe ill be glad of it when it arrives and reminds me of home?

Have you ever had to pack up your entire life and move? What did you find you missed/wished you hadnt bothered taking? Did you disagree with your partner over things?

Of course we aren’t in disagreement where things are a no go, she is free to pack whatever crap she wants, as am I – we got a great deal through Seven Seas Worldwide on shipping 7 huge boxes, and they provide the boxes/packing material so we can’t complain…I’m just hoping we don’t have 7 boxes to fill!

I’ve chucked more things than I ever have before and dont wish I’d kept anything so far. So, the question when we are packing really is: to be, or not to be?

*by shit I mean things, possessions, items, useless or useful bits of tut that I refuse to ship half way across the world.

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  • Reply dbobstoner 05/07/2016 at 7:05 pm

    we are moving from a 4 bed house to a 1 bed flat. The stuff we have had to throw out, donate or pass on has been endless. Then again, what will we do with it at the end? Memories are far more important than items and most importantly we are keeping each other!!

    • Reply girlinaus 05/07/2016 at 8:19 pm

      Well that’s certainly a relief! But you are right. Can’t take it with you in the end! I hope you get sorted for your new simpler life 🙂 x

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