Travel 22/05/2016

Adventure Awaits New Ink

I’ve wanted some new ink for what feels like forever now, ever since I first went home from travelling I wanted something that symbolises my love for it. I already have my little wanderlust tattoo on my collar bone…

Wanderlust Tatoo.jpg

Wanderlust Tattoo

…but I wanted a globe.

I’ve always loved globe tattoos but there are so many different styles to consider that I wasnt sure what I wanted to go for. I emailed Almost Angels Tattoo Studio in Ely (Cambridge) with a mood board of different tattoos, with a rough idea of what I wanted. I knew they were good, but I was still expecting to get there and have lots of things I wanted to change. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Laura was brilliant in capturing what I wanted, plus she left me to decide which side of the world I wanted to feature on my globe – I chose the UK. It’s my home that I’m leaving behind and I want it to always be a part of me.

Now what I havent mentioned until now, is that Rachael was also getting a globe tattoo done at the same time. And no, its not what you think.

We had a discussion, we both wanted globe tattoos but we didnt want to be ‘those people’ who get matching tattoos, we are not that kind of couple. We both wanted something that represents our love for travel, which is something we have done both together and alone. We are such different people that we wanted something very different to one another, so that they represent something thats meaningful to us as individuals, but is also personal to us as a couple, as travelling is something we love to do together. So this was a nice way to show this off.

Rachael chose Australia to be featured on her globe as thats where she sees her future, and the globe is sitting on Science text books so it works brilliantly for what she stands for. Tradition, Realism, Science and Beauty. It’s beautiful.

Mine is very different, it’s my ticket to the good life, showing off flowers, a globe, suitcases (covering up an old tattoo I didnt like) and my Adventure Awaits luggage tag! I love it, it is so well done and is healing nicely so far. It hurt like HELL. I wimped out after the shading was done, so I’m going back in July for colour to be added and another little tatoo! Plus I’m going to get my visa stamp on there. Sydney 05.09.2016!

So, here it is – my travel tattoo, a globe that represents my ticket out of here, my love for travel and that home is always going to be a huge part of me.

New Tattoo - Almost Angels, Ely.png

My Travel Tattoo – Almost Angels Tattoo Studio, Ely

What do you think? I’ll post a follow up in July with the colour and healed images. I love it! Thank you to Laura and Almost Angels, her/their work is fantastic and I will recommend them to anyone.

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  • Reply hannahagutter 23/05/2016 at 3:14 am

    So beautiful. I love it. ❤️❤️❤️

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