Travel 12/05/2016

The Bucket List

I’ve never made a bucket list before and it’s something I’ve been toying with getting down on paper for a while. So, while I’m making a big change in my life I’ve decided I could do with a big dreams list!

It’s a work in progress but I have complied my bucket list based on dreams I’ve had and what I want to get out of life. Here it is for your viewing pleasure!

  • Skydive
  • Bungee Jump in New Zealand
  • Live in a Camperan/RV for a year
  • Learn to Scuba dive
  • Dance in the streets of Rio
  • Visit South Africa
  • Go on a Safari
  • Go to Hawaii and Hula
  • Visit the Eiffel Tower & Explore Paris
  • Go to Budapest
  • Visit the Northern Lights
  • Learn to Surf
  • Drive Route 66 and visit Graceland
  • Payback Mum&Dad for all of the support and financial help they’ve given me over the years
  • Get engaged
  • Have a festival wedding
  • Go to warped tour in the US!!
  • Skinny dip
  • Get Lee (My Bro) to Australia
  • Travel alone to a country I’ve never been
  • Work for a band creating merch and touring!
  • Live off my Blog, Travelling the World
  • Go skiing and not break a bone
  • Send Mum&Dad to Mexico
  • Ride a Motorbike
  • Cliff jump
  • Get good at *a* sport (Kayaking)
  • Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
  • Fly a Plane
  • Survive without amenities or electricity for at least 1 week
  • Learn Burlesque
  • Be self sufficiently self employed

So here you have it! Most of these are probably cliche but they are what I’ve managed to get on my list over the last few months. Any crossed off items are things I have come back in and checked off my list! Keep posted!

Do you have a bucket list? Post the link in the comments!

I love to meet new people so if any of my items are also on your list, get in touch!

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