Emigration 06/05/2016

Let’s fly, let’s fly away…

Our visa entry deadline is set to 27th September 2016 from the Australian Government so we had decisions to make….

  • Where do we fly into?
  • When do we fly?
  • Who do we fly with?
  • How much time does that give us (realistically) to sort stuff out?

We have said from the start that we will leave our rented house in Lincoln a week after Rachael and I both finish work (around 1st August) and we wanted to make sure we got a few good weeks at home to say Goodbye to Family and Friends before we left.

In our Grant letter we were given the details of the IOM and contacted them first about our emigration flights – we found out there are no restrictions about which airport you can fly into and the visa is validated as soon as you enter the country, so this left it open for us to decide where to fly into.

We decided Sydney was a good place to start our journey and picked early September with flexible dates, to give us around 4-5 weeks at home. They came back and told us they had an Emirates Flight, Manchester to Sydney with good times – Leaving the UK at 2pm, Landing at 10pm in Sydney with a stop over for 2 hours in Dubai. This gives us double baggage allowance @ 40kg each, and the flight includes Food, Drink and Entertainment. They cost £695 each, for a one way ticket. So we booked!

We fly 5th September!

In hindsight, we should have shopped around first. Looking into other airlines we have found that most do an ‘Emigration’ package allowing 40kg baggage per person for a small extra cost (some airlines even provide this free of charge) and the flights we could have got with the likes of STA Travel would have been MUCH cheaper at around £350 each!

Or Etihad they have some awesome sales on!

So for anyone booking their one way flight, my advice would be:

  • Shop Around
  • Check out STA Travel’s Promotions (for ALL ages!)
  • Make sure you get extra baggage so you have less to ship
  • Go with a company you feel are safe and give you a good package for your money
    e.g inc Food, Drink and Entertainment….it’s a long flight!
  • Pack a pillow for the flight, your gonna wanna catch some Z’s

Have you booked your one way flight, or are you thinking about it?
Let me know your experience in the comments below!

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  • Reply Kim Richardson 12/05/2016 at 3:28 pm

    So excited you’re moving here, mate! Definitely have to spend some time with you two in Sydney! And I can hook you up with friends in Brisbane too.
    – Kim xx

    • Reply girlinaus 12/05/2016 at 4:34 pm

      I can’t wait Kim! Will be so great to meet up with you. Were in Sydney 6th – 12th September if you fancy meeting up! x

      • Reply Kim Richardson 12/05/2016 at 4:54 pm

        Absolutely! I’ll be back from holidays the week before, so I’ll have heaps of time to meet up xx

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