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Asia 30/03/2017

The Full Moon Party

Following on from the Hill Tribes and Beaches posts, we headed back to Koh Samui for a few days to just chill out and do nothing, recoup. We then headed to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party… Koh Phangan is an island off Thailand, it’s also home to the famous Full Moon Party. It’s nice, very busy and very touristy compared to other islands, but if you are wanting to party – this is the place to be! I was…

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Asia 09/03/2017

Hill Tribes and Beaches (2/2)


If you haven’t already…head to Hill Tribes and Beaches (1/2) to hear about the start of this trip! We pick up where we re-joined the tour, when we actually joined up with another tour that had already started. At this point, myself, Rachael and Kate were besties so we thought it was a little odd joining another group of people who had already hit it off…however, only a few had and we seem to fit right in with them so it…

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Asia 05/03/2017

Hill Tribes and Beaches (1/2)

After a few great nights in Bangkok, it was time to head over to Hotel De Moc to meet everyone who will be on the Imaginative Traveller Hill Tribes and Beaches Tour with us. So, here’s the thing…. A week before we were due to fly out to Thailand we got a phone call from STA Travel (who we booked the tour through) to say that the tour we were booked on: Siam Discovery was no longer running as we…

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Asia 28/02/2017

Palong Village Hill Tribe Trek


During the Hill Tribes and Beaches Tour we had the chance to visit the Palong Village Hill Tribe in the Chiang Dao region and to trek through the mountains. It was pretty intense for someone with a fitness level of ZERO, but it was a great experience. We had already spent a night gathering our things together in Chiang Mai, in the morning we got up early and took a 3 hour Songtaew to reach the mountains we would trek…

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Asia 23/02/2017

10,000 Miles and 4 Islands

Our month in Indonesia: £420, 10,000 miles and 4 islands. It’s been a few months now since I attempted to start up a blog but due to working two jobs and having too many weekend plans (and generally being a bit forgetful), it wasn’t too successful! With this in mind, when the lovely Lisa got in touch and asked if I fancied blogging about my recent trip to Indonesia the answer was a given – YES! So here we go…the story…

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Asia 19/02/2017

The famous Khaosan Road

After a long flight from London to Bangkok (via Mumbai) we arrived in Thailand with NO idea of where our hotel was from the airport. We were hassled off the plane by various different ‘limo’ drivers, found the bus and taxi rank and got in a ‘premium taxi’ with zircon and leather seats. We had no idea how far it was to Khaosan Road, so we were worried about it costing us a small fortune, but it turns out everything…

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